2NE1 Forever: Upcoming Remix / Mashup Album

2NE1 has definitely made an impact on the K-Pop industry but also on an international level. As their first full length album is on the rise for release, a new album comes up called "2NE1 Forever". This is a collaboration album from DJ's around the world that have remixed every single 2NE1 song to date. That includes their solo, versions, and official tracks from their first mini album.

This album will be the starting point for 2NE1 fans as the girls start their official promotions on 09.09.10 with their album release for "To Anyone". This remix album on the other hand is going to be release on 09.03.10. The teaser for this album (below) features previews of all 13 tracks on the album, including those mixed with T.O.P. (from Big Bang), Miliyah Kato (Japanese pop star), and even Rihanna (international pop star).

DJ's from around the world are getting into the K-Pop scene and this is one of many examples of it. 2NE1 fighting!!!

From Youtube:
"2NE1 Forever" is a new remix collaboration album featuring remixes / mashups of all of 2NE1 songs (before 1st full album). Including solo, versions, and official tracks remixed by DJ Yigytugd, Damarikomu, Mikie Heartcore, Drokas, and KZM. Please support the girls as they release their 1st album 09.09.10. In the mean time listen to this album in its fullness on 09.03.10."

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